Amazing can come from Anywhere.

Hey, I’m Julia

Just your typical college student working my way towards the end goal: graduating and finding a way to live doing what I love. 

And it turns out that what I really love – is music! And more specifically…capturing it. So with that, and by God’s grace, I’ve centered my whole career around one goal: 

To create media that will move people, and to do it well.  

The HomeMade Studio began forming the moment I decided to pursue audio production – I just didn’t know it yet. However, that’s not to say that I began actually building a studio…  

The HomeMade Studio is a home for creatives who work from their basement.  

…or their bedroom, home office, maybe even kitchen.  

The philosophy that I built this studio around is that amazing can come from anywhere. 

Our goal is to share with you the knowledge that we’ve gained from building this studio, and creating our sound, in hopes that you will benefit from the tips and tricks that have guided us along the way. 

If you are a musician, producer, student, parent, or just barely getting your feet wet with this whole audio thing, I SO encourage you to take the HomeMade philosophy and run with it. You CAN create and capture fantastic music, and you DON’T have to be a “professional” to be professional. 

So join us in creating your own HomeMade Studio – whoever you are, wherever you are. 

Because amazing really can come from anywhere.  



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