How to Make Money with your Original Music

How to Make Money with your Original Music

The music industry is so daunting. As a musician, it almost seems as if there is no way to make money with your music besides writing a hit-single and getting “discovered.” Which is not impossible, but pretty rare.

However, the idea that this is the ONLY way is a lie.

There is SO much money to be made behind the scenes, even though all we SEE are the big-name artists making platinum records and touring the world.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If getting “discovered” is your dream – go for it! Shoot for the stars! Market yourself as an artist, get your music out there on streaming services, get signed up with a record label, make your own website and sell your CD’s and t-shirts. I’ve known several people that have this dream, and really have the talent and ability to make it possible!

However, I just don’t have that desire.

I’ve always enjoyed sitting behind my computer more than standing in front of a crowd. But I love love LOVE making music! And I’m always looking for a way to make money by working from home. So if you’re like me, and you enjoy the simplicity of a behind-the-scenes life, but would still like to make some money doing what you’re probably ALREADY spending time doing (who wouldn’t?), then this is the information you need to accomplish just that.

So how do we tap into all that behind-the-scenes money-making music goodness?

Well, that’s where this secret comes into play. So buckle up, and prepare to read about one of the best ways to make money with YOUR ORIGINAL MUSIC from your couch in your llama pajamas.


Make Money with Music Licensing Sites


The use of licensed music is SO common in the media industry – TV commercials, short films, the cute animal videos that pop up in your facebook newsfeed, they all need something to go behind their videos in order to make them enjoyable and engaging.

Producers don’t want to pay big bucks to license a chart-topping popular hit song when they are trying to MAKE money through their advertisement or video. So they will commonly look for cheaper options, and that’s where you will want to be waiting.

Music licensing sites allow you to upload your music (usually for free) and sell through their website to their consumers. Using these sites will automatically give you a platform to sell your goods, which is probably one of the most difficult things to achieve (ask any blogger, musician, or online salesperson. Building a platform is HARD!).

And it can be yours – just like that!

What’s the catch, you ask? Well, most sites will require to keep a percentage of your earnings. That’s how they make money to keep the site running and keep YOU making money.

Think of it as a Home Owner’s Association fee. Or sales tax. By paying an amount per sale, the organization can keep running and improving their operation. Which actually benefits you in the long run. If the site continues to bring in more customers, it means there’s a bigger audience for you to sell your music to.


Now, I know what you’re thinking.


“How can I do this, and still make as much money as my music deserves? Wouldn’t I be better off making my own website and selling it myself?”


If you created your own website and put up all the music that you have created, the chances of you selling it and actually making more money than on a licensing site is pretty slim. Sorry. The people who are looking to pay for your product just won’t be looking in that corner of the internet where your website is hiding.

I KNOW how it feels to sign a contract and license your music away through a site. It feels like you are signing away your earnings – and while you ARE agreeing to pay a percentage of what you make, you are also increasing the chance that you have to actually make ANY money at all. 

So instead of doing all the work yourself, let the pros do what they do best!


These are some of the best sites I’ve found:

(Loop Community is a unique one – click here to read more about why)


Some of these sites will also allow you to upload sound effects, loopable audio files, short segments, audio packs and more. This is commonly appealing to video game designers and short film directors who don’t have the budget to hire a sound designer for their crew. By purchasing a subscription with these sites, they are able to license a certain number of downloads per month or year, giving them access to your uploaded media.

Other sites will have a set purchase price per item. Once purchased, the site will get a certain percentage of the total amount, and so will you.


Once these files are uploaded and out there, everything you earn is passive income. That means you’ve already done the work, and now you get to rake in the reward. Isn’t that exciting?! And there could potentially be an infinite number of downloads – especially if your content is fantastic!

That’s why this is the #1 secret way to make money with your music. It takes some work to create professional-quality music, but the great thing about it is that this gift keeps giving.

I SO strongly encourage you – if you are a musician, producer, sound designer, field recorder, audio engineer, or just like to record random things for fun, look into this option. You won’t regret it.

The worst that could happen is that you make no sales. But the best case scenario could change your world.



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