The HomeMade Studio blog contains tips, tricks, and tools to help you understand audio on a deeper level. Whether you are a student, pro, or haven’t ever worked with audio, we have the information to help you build your studio one step at a time.

The HomeMade Studio is a home for creatives who work from their basement. We believe that amazing can come from anywhere. Our mission is to encourage regular people to make outstanding music from wherever they are.

This blog is a tool for regular people to use, designed to propel your audio work forward. We have recording and production tips that will change the way you work, giving your productions a professional gloss. Our home studio hacks will help you create a more efficient workspace. Our Sunday musicians’ guide will assist with not just church musicians, but live performers of all kinds.

The Best Backing Track Resource for Churches

Loop Community is a home for backing tracks and song loops made by producers from around the world. These tracks are used mostly by churches, but are also common among cover bands, wedding bands, and for other live music environments. Track genres consist as covers of popular music, christian & gospel, country, rock, latin, and many other genres.


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