The BEST Sites for Free Plugins

The BEST Sites for Free Plugins

Free plugins are the bomb. They are a great way for companies to offer a trial of their programs, and for you as the consumer to test them out.

I’m always in search of a good deal, especially when it comes to plugins, software instruments, VST effects, and other tools to enhance my studio.

While there are plenty of plugins and digital resources that are worth paying the money for, sometimes it’s just hard to dish out a wad of cash on something you can’t physically hold in your hands.

Because of this, I always go searching for free or on-sale options. Here are some of the best places I’ve found.

Plugin Boutique

One of the top websites for free resources is

They have plenty of free effects plugins, virtual instruments, and other studio tools.

Now, many of these free plugins are lite versions, so occasionally they will pop-up with an encouragement for you to purchase the full version. But you can do what I do and just close out of that every time 🙂

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Plugin Boutique also has a number of deals from time to time that will give you a discount off of top-rated plugins. I purchased the Izotope Elements Suite when it was on sale for 90% off, and have been incredibly pleased with the product. This is a great page to watch for when good deals come up.

Melda Productions

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Another good option – if you want a whole bunch of free effect plugins of all kinds, is the Melda Productions Free FX Bundle. This bundle includes 32 plugins of all kinds: EQ, compressors, pitch analysis, loudness analyzers, ring modulators and more.

The cool thing about this particular bundle is that after using the free plugins for awhile, you can upgrade the bundle for just $49, giving you access to the sonogram feature in EQ and analyzers, the ability to save and load your own presets, resize the plugins, and some other cool features.

Melda Productions also has all of these free plugins available for individual download here.

Native Instruments

Native Instruments has several great free VST instruments and effect plugins to offer. One of the best deals is the Komplete Players, which includes 3 VST Instruments with over 500 sounds and over 600 free audio samples. You can also download these instruments individually.

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Now, if you’re looking for some of the less traditional plugins on the market, we’ve got you covered as well.

Other Resources:

Sound Guru

The BEST Sites for Free Plugins 6

Download the demo version of Mangle by Sound Guru for free.


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Thereis a page full of freeware that is available for your download on Soundhack. A few of my favorites from this site are the ++bubbler and ++pitchdelay. These plugins can give your sound a new and exciting pop.


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If you’re into spectral-based effects, Soundmagic by Michael Norris is the place to look. There are a number of effect plugins that affect the way audio is processed on a spectral basis in real time. This means that these effects adjust the frequencies and mess with them in cool and interesting ways. Some of my favorites are the Spectral Harmonizer and Spectral Blurring plugins.

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