The Best Backing Track Resource for Churches

The Best Backing Track Resource for Churches


Loop Community is one of my favorite sites. In my opinion, it’s the best backing track resource for churches (and cover bands). LC is pretty similar to most music licensing sites, except that it is operated under a different philosophy than others.


Loop Community is a home for backing tracks and song loops made by producers from around the world.


These tracks are used mostly by churches, but are also common among cover bands, wedding bands, and for other live music environments. Track genres consist as covers of popular music, christian & gospel, country, rock, latin, and many other genres.

The site provides 3 primary options: Master tracks, Premium tracks, and Community tracks.


Master Tracks

Master tracks come directly from the writers of the song – they are exact replicas of what you hear on the album. There aren’t many of these, quite frankly, because they’re expensive. And churches like to save money in any way possible, so to spend 4 times as much on ONE track that sounds slightly better than a community-made track (more on this later), seems like a much less appealing option than to purchase one of slightly lesser quality.


Premium Tracks   

Premium tracks are created by in-house LC producers, and are great quality. They are pretty good about putting out newly released songs fairly quickly, which is nice. However, there are only so many producers on their team – they can’t create tracks for EVERY song. Not even every NEW song.

So that’s where the community enters.


Community Tracks   

Community tracks are created by musicians and producers from around the world. This is what makes Loop Community so unique! Contributors can upload their own tracks through the website, and sell them for a cheaper rate than the other two options. This is a fantastic option for organizations that just don’t have the budget to purchase top-notch tracks for all of their songs.

Now, with community contribution comes different levels of product. Some community tracks are just as good as the premium tracks, if not better! But some can be lacking a bit in the professional arena. Simply by playing two tracks for the same song back-to-back, it can be pretty obvious which contributors have more experience than others.

All that to be said, becoming a contributor takes hardly any work at all. You can sign up through Loop Community’s website and begin uploading right away!


The Best Backing Track Resource for Churches


Becoming a Contributor


Becoming a community contributor is SUPER easy. The website has a simple process that will take you through a series of questions about your experience working with tracks. Once you are signed up, you can begin uploading your tracks. There is an approval process that the tracks must go through upon upload, but as soon as they are approved you can begin to bring in the dough!

I love using LC because I can make backing tracks for my church, then turn around and make money off of the same tracks while helping out other churches and musicians by providing a cheaper option for them (feel free to check out my LC profile to see some of these tracks that I’ve worked on). Not to mention that the LC team is SUPER helpful if you ever have questions, and their response time is incredibly quick!

Now, to be a community contributor means that you are putting your musical product out to the world, just as if you were selling your music on a licensing website. You want your BEST to be what is forefront. I never EVER upload a track that I don’t feel 100% confident about as a finished product.

I’ll often produce tracks for my church that have everything except drums – and I still don’t upload these. Not until I create a drum track FOR them. You want your product to stand out among the other community tracks, and the best way to do that is:


1. Have an excellent finished product
2. Have tracks for EVERY instrument, even if it will hardly be used in a live setting


The reason for this second point is because you want your product to look superior from the outside looking in. Not every consumer is going to listen to the entire track before they decide which one to purchase.  If you were looking at two tracks, both the same price, but one had piano, pad, and electric guitar, and the other one had all these plus bass, acoustic guitar and drums – which would you automatically lean towards?

You want that immediate instinct decision to land in your favor. So that’s why you create as many QUALITY tracks as you can, without going overboard.  


Why become a Loop Community Contributor?


1. They already has a large consumer-base.


LC has thousands of tracks to choose from, so from a consumer standpoint, they are already a major contender in the backing-track subsection of the music industry.

There are thousands of churches world-wide that look to LC for their track needs, which means there could potentially be thousands of churches looking at your tracks, should you become a contributor.


2. You don’t have to WRITE music – you just have to recreate it.


The majority of what I spend my time on while making tracks is just listening. I’ll sit and analyze what I hear until I can figure out how to recreate a synth sound or guitar riff. By doing this over and over, it strengthens your ability to recreate, which then fuels your ability to create!

There’s nothing wrong with adding parts to a track, but it’s nice to not have to create everything from the bottom up in order to put it out there.


3. It’s 100% FREE to sign up and start selling your tracks.


Plus if you already make tracks for your church or organization, all you have to do is modify them to LC’s standards and they are ready to be uploaded and sold.

If that’s not incentive to consider this as an option to make money, then I don’t know what is.




The Best Backing Track Resource for Churches

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